The RESIDUAL Effect Training


Residual Effect Mark PetticordThe Residual Effect Training enables you and your team to build lasting relationships, develop leaders, and grow a thriving business network.

Whether you’re brand new to this industry, a professional building a successful team, or a corporate executive looking for a detailed comprehensive training in the Network Marketing industry, the RESIDUAL Effect will provide a solid business development track.  With well over twenty years in the field and within corporate, my eight principles spell the acronym RESIDUAL.

Each principle is essential for developing a thriving business in the network marketing industry: Relationships, Education, Service, Investment, Develop Your Market, Unlimited Potential, Action Plan, Leadership.  This training is best delivered in a 1/2 day live seminar .  Also, available through an online interactive eight week teleconference/webinar.  Click here to set up a free consultation or book a training with Mark.

Review each lesson by clicking on the hyper link of the word associated with the Acronym: R.E.S.I.D.U.A.L.

RELATIONSHIPS: Authentic relationships are the connectors that form a solid business foundation. Developing your associations, communication, brand, and collaborative environment creates a sustainable business.

 EDUCATION:  Education and applied learning are necessary for personal growth. Shared knowledge through a Mastermind empowers, edifies, cultivates, and develops teamwork and strategic business relationships.

 SERVICE: Service is essential for building a reciprocal business environment, providing remarkable value, and creating a giving culture. Residual Effect logo for side banner

 INVESTMENT:  Owners who leverage the principles and benefits of investment generate sustained business growth and a profitable network.

 DEVELOP YOUR MARKET: Developing your market involves surveying, identifying, connecting, and promoting to your ideal customer or business prospect.

 UNLIMITED POTENTIAL:  Personal belief and envisioning the future unlocks your Unlimited Potential and increases your capacity to overcome obstacles and empower others.

 ACTION PLAN:  An action plan engages a solid commitment to consistent and systematic, targeted activities.

 LEADERSHIP: Authentic leadership is focused on building relationships and developing the leaders of the future.