The RESIDUAL Effect – Action Plan

The ACTS represent, your ACTION PLAN, including four core business activities. In this training we cover the business system, mechanics and the processes of Automation, Commitment, Training and System  To succeed in this business one has create a PLAN for consistent ACTION. The ACTS are the mechanics, commitments and philosophies necessary for developing a profitable business. Acquiring knowledge and writing your vision with the best intentions does not produce anything until there is a decision to take consistent action. It is consistent action that rewards us with a long-term RESIDUAL Effect.

The A.C.T.S

Automation: Automation involves becoming familiar with and understanding the benefits of the tools and resources associated with your turn-key business system.

Commitment: Making daily, weekly, monthly and annual commitments lets your business associate know what is required to succeed, develops good habits and business practices.

Training: Training emphasizes the importance of continuing education, in the areas of personal growth leadership development, business mechanics, and product education. Training becomes an integral part of company and field culture.

System: A business system creates consistency, continuity and provides processes to track, measure progress, and support your team.

Coming up next.. Throughout this training, we learn about the necessary philosophies, mechanics, and foundations for LEADERSHIP. Next we’ll discuss how Attraction, Influence and Mentorship creates a RESIDUAL Effect for generations to come.

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