The RESIDUAL Effect – Leadership

As leaders, we must embrace the difficult process of personal mastery to achieve success in this business. Over the years, what has kept me on target are these three dynamics of leadership: Attraction, Influence, and Mentorship.  The RESIDUAL Effect of Leadership is a process that begins with personal growth and a commitment to learning to lead ourselves first. As we grow as leaders we become passionate about developing and leading leaders. Leadership is a relationship. We walk with our people through their learning and growth process, we lead not just by explanation but by demonstration.

ATTRACTION: Reading John Maxwell’s 9th Law of Magnetism and the subtitle, “Who you are is who you attract” is disturbingly thought provoking and evoked a “what came first, the chicken or the egg” kind of question. When I read it, I felt an urgency to evaluate and work on myself as soon as possible! As we develop relationally, socially and spiritually we become better husbands, fathers, friends and leaders. We cannot attract meaningful relationships without valuing people and relationships. Although the principles of attraction and the power of vision are necessary components in our success journey, if we honestly begin to evaluate ourselves we may discover that who we are is who we attract into our lives.

INFLUENCE: The word influence is derived from the Latin, influent, meaning, fluid or flow. Leadership influence is like the dynamic motion and momentum of a flowing river. Fluid is powerful when directed through the right mechanism. For instance, when water flows through a hydroelectric dam, motion creates momentum and is transformed into a dynamic electrical current that powers entire nations. And so effective, directed leadership creates momentum. By developing our leadership acumen we produce a dynamic flow of energy that attracts and influences people toward a collective purpose.

MENTORSHIP: Relationship marketing is a leadership development and mentoring business. The natural progression of leadership is learning, doing and teaching. Mentors identify, empower, and mobilize leaders by sharing knowledge, experience and strategic advice. Mentors build trust, provide encouragement, and challenge leaders to achieve their next levels of achievement.  In order to create the RESIDUAL Effect of leadership in this business, our objective is to identify and grow multiple generations of leaders capable of carrying on in this business and in life, with or without us.

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