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                                  I  Will H.E.LP.  You Design Your Future                                     Honesty, Empowerment, Leadership, Purpose 


Honesty, integrity, and authenticity  attract people and key relationships that grow a solid business network.


Empowering people through active education, and resources build  a solid foundation for business and personal growth.


Authentic leadership is founded on building relationships,  developing future leaders, and leaving a legacy.


Do you know your purpose?  Living intentional and on purpose causes you to believe in your unlimited potential.  

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About Mark

My entrepreneurial journey started in 1988 when I had a defining moment amidst the beautiful waterfront homes in Magnolia, Seattle. I wondered, how do people live like this?  Who are they and how did they get here? Why not me?  ...Now, why not you? 

Mark takes personal growth to a new level with a unique proven process, simple techniques, and an understanding of Sales that allows any organization or individual to become a Super Achiever.                                                          Elizabeth - Sales Rep

John Doe UI/UX Designer

I had the pleasure of working with Mark when I was corporate counsel for DNA Next. He is a passionate Marketer and Entrepreneur Trainer. His training is focused on the importance of developing individual leadership philosophy. His approach is simple, concise and optimally focused on building business. I would recommend Mark for his wide range of sales & marketing knowledge to anyone                                      Robert - Attorney 

John Doe UI/UX Designer

Mark is an exceptional marketer and script writer. He developed one of our first promo videos that helped launch our company. He is also an expert at social media and networking with others to help them grow thier business or financial freedom. Thanks for all you continue to teach me Mark!     Randy -  Investor

John Doe UI/UX Designer

Mark is a great leader and teacher.He has great communicator skills, a diligent listener and ready to help. He added value in my life by advising me about how to improve my social media platforms and how to use digital products to brand myself and my business. I highly recommend Mark as leadership and social media marketing & branding trainer. Viviane - Business Coach

John Doe UI/UX Designer