The RESIDUAL Effect – Investment

Understanding the RESIDUAL Effect of your investment in this industry is truly liberating.  The  dynamics of building a network, understanding leverage, and developing a business owners mindset are three crucial steps for long-term profits in this industry. Although this may not have been true in the last century, if you’re looking for long-term wealth creation, jobs have limitations and are no longer secure, partly due to the economy but also as a result of technology, automation and outsourcing. The employment climate is rapidly changing in this new economy. Consider that billions of dollars of products and services are sold through network marketing distribution channels.

NETWORK: Your network is comprised of team members who have the same objective as you. All successful people build networks. A 2009 article in Fortune magazine called direct selling “the best-kept secret in the business world.” Warren Buffett owns direct-sales companies. Real estate millionaires Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki refer to network marketing as a “viable and rewarding source of income” and “The Business of the 21st Century.” Best-selling author and business-management guru, Tom Peters, refers to it as “The first truly revolutionary shift in marketing in the last 50 years.”

LEVERAGE: Your network creates massive net worth through the power of leverage.  In kindergarten, children learn to add and subtract. Later in grade school, kids learn how to multiply and divide. The principles of leverage through the dynamics of multiplication creates exponential growth. Like a beautifully arranged symphony, people working together play a vital part in your success. Even division works into the leveraged income equation.  By dividing responsibilities and delegating authority to committed team members, your business multiplies exponentially. I am not sure how algebra and calculus figure into the equation, so I’ll leave that up to your imagination.

OWNERSHIP and ownership mindset requires that you understand and believe in the model but also that you mental toughness and a decision to push through the obstacles.This isn’t a haughty, proud attitude; it is a servant’s posture. As an owner, when you make a decision to build your business, you are not alone. Our business model is set up like a micro-franchise with all the tools and resources to help you succeed.

To succeed in business, you must DEVELOP YOUR MARKET. I teach you how to Survey, Circulate and prospecting techniques with sample scripts.