The RESIDUAL Effect – Unlimited Potential

Reaching our full potential is achieved when we first (1.) BELIEVE. In this section of The RESIDUAL Effect, we learn that our potential is limited by our paradigms and belief systems. (2.) When we ENVISION, using a few valuable exercises, we actualize our vision. To experience the long-term RESIDUAL Effect, the natural progression is to (3.) EMPOWER our team with a collective vision.

BELIEVE: Our potential is limited by our paradigms, our belief system, formed by what we allow in, how we process the information, what we speak and even how we talk to ourselves. The battlefield is in the mind, a precarious minefield that is navigated every day. We are what we think. Verbal communication reveals what’s inside of us. This includes our attitudes, whether positive or negative. Negative thoughts and perceptions invite destructive self-talk. When we entertain negative thoughts in our conscious mind, self-talk communicates at a subconscious level.

ENVISION: What is your story? Stories are shared in every culture of the world, passed on from one generation to another.  We relate with stories of real life experiences of overcoming obstacles and personal achievements.  Stories inspire and ignite us to take action individually and draw people toward a collective vision. Actively learning, applying lessons from history, and recalling our cherished memories assist in guiding our future. But memories can also have an immobilizing effect. Have you been to your high school reunion and noticed that some of your old classmates remain stuck, frozen in time? Reliving and reminiscing of the good ole days is a valuable experience but dwelling in the past is not a good place to live. Seeing is believing. Envision your future by writing your story and watch it unfold before your eyes.

EMPOWER: As leaders, we are charged with the responsibility of (1.)creating a collective vision and (2.) empowering a volunteer army by (3.) championing the cause of freedom!  A collective vision creates continuity and a powerful, collaborative environment where the team will flourish.  A volunteer army working for independence is, at the same time, interdependent with a focus on the common goal or freedom!  I realized many years ago that I was charged with the privilege of empowering people to champion the cause of freedom.

Coming up next: ACTION PLAN. Cultivating personal belief, guarding your thoughts, envisioning your future, and writing your story, are crucial attitudes and exercises to embrace and consistently practice. Taking consistent ACTION assures that we will stay on track and reach our full potential.

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