The RESIDUAL Effect – Relationships

Building trust and cultivating authentic, genuine relationships is the cornerstone for business development and the RESIDUAL Effect.  A Business built on the foundation of authenticity with a relevant message is crucial. As we step out to embrace personal growth and expand our horizons, some relationships will serve to move us forward and some will not. Developing an entrepreneurial mindset requires that we build strategic relationships and associate with success-minded people.

AUTHENTICITY: Relationship Marketing means centering your business activity on connecting with people. I know that sounds simple, but the results are profound. The system of networking is impersonal without the most important ingredient, authentic relationships. Relationships connect people around a product, service and a cause that is bigger than us. Attracting people, finding out what they want and potentially enhancing their experience with a valuable product or service is the essence relationship marketing and the RESIDUAL Effect. Together we are the connectors and building blocks that create a strong foundation and construct a global, sustainable relationship marketing organization.

SOCIAL NETWORKING: Writing on a friend’s Wall was popular long before Facebook. There is nothing new about social networking.  People and cultures have been connecting and communicating for thousands of years. So what’s the big deal?  Expanding your social footprint through countless social networks will create a lot of avatars, but not necessary create a living network and build a profitable business. I am pro technology but the physical art of building authentic relationships and gaining trust has not changed. The human fundamentals of establishing and maintaining relationships will always remain the same.  Understanding the dynamics of using social networking and new media tools is is the key to developing long-term relationships in the cyber world.

RESOURCES: Want to make a lot of friends and influence people, become resourceful?  In conjunction with your company’s business building system, make sure you’re up to date on the business tools and resources for promoting your business.  Four effective social networking tools are: Facebook, Youtube, Linked-in and Twitter. Using the social networking technology helps us make a lot of friends and streamlines our business prospecting activities. Resourceful leaders work on providing value for their team. Stay on top of the current trends and the news relating to your company’s products, market and compensation plan.

Next, I’ll dig deeper into what motivates some people to succeed while others fall out for lack of EDUCATION.