The RESIDUAL Effect – Develop Your Market

Contained in The RESIDUAL Effect training, there are three key elements for developing your market. You must (1.)survey the landscape, stay in constant (2.)circulation, connect, and know how to (3.) prospect in those marketing with effective posture and value focused dialog. Top achievers in this industry not only understand their product and opportunity; they become great at developing their market. They are tuned-in, perceptive and become intuitive about people, markets, timing and trends. They’re good at articulating the details and benefits but able to zoom
out and see the big picture in order to gather information and survey the landscape. They recognize where to focus and how to stay on task.

SURVEY: Your market survey is a detailed, comprehensive ongoing activity of evaluating who you know and the ongoing process of developing new contacts and a sphere of influence. Doing a market survey is an important first step in the process as you’re getting started, but a names list becomes stagnant unless you add to it daily.

CONNECT: Want fresh leads? Get into the flow, circulate and connect with people every day. Really connecting involves creating value. Continue to circulate and commit to the daily development and cultivation of your sphere of influence. The most effective way to develop your “sphere of influence” is to serve the best interest of others.

PROSPECT: The best prospectors understand how to survey their market, stay in circulation, gather information, meet people, make friends and ask for referrals. Prospecting is a courtship process that involves a series of contacts and impressions. Professional prospecting has a lot do with personality types, too. Some people are slow and methodical whereas others make decisions quickly. Know who your marketing is, where to find them, and what to say to them. Read on to learn how to grab hold of your own empowerment and tap into UNLIMITED POTENTIAL.