The RESIDUAL Effect – Education

The business cycle of the The RESIDUAL Effect is: Learn, Practice and Edify, another way of saying learn, do, and teach. Education and learning is like putting your own oxygen mask on first. With well over a million miles of air travel, thankfully, never once has an oxygen mask dropped down in front of my face. There’s a good reason for the protocol of putting your own oxygen mask on first.  We cannot be available to assist the people next us if we are unable to breathe, so that we suffocate and pass out. Personal development and continuing education, like oxygen, stimulates our brain cells enabling mental sharpness and clarity.

We are available to breathe life into our team. Most important, the life is in the blood circulating through every part of our body. When life-changing education flows from your head to your heart, you become unstoppable. Here is where the rubber meets the road. Twenty-five years ago I became a student of success principles, rarely taught in public schools and colleges. My circumstances were less than perfect. Rather than be a victim overcome by negative circumstances, I embraced an opportunity for change, personal growth and anticipated rediscovering what I wanted to do when I grew up.

What motivates you?  The RESIDUAL Effect of is not produced with just knowing something but knowing how to execute and take consistent action. Our purpose is the motivator with an unquenchable desire to peruse our dreams. It is PRACTICING what we learn that is crucial for success. General contractors do not gain experience with a license  and by watching “This Old House.” And, thank goodness, Doctors don’t learn how to perform surgery by reading a medical text book. Why would anyone assume that the business of network marketing would be any different?

To EDIFY your team, means an ongoing commitment to teach, uplift, empower, and appreciate them.  It is the responsibility of leadership to edify their group leaders and the accomplishments of the team. Leaders recognize that they “need” people and teamwork to become successful and significant in this business. Coming Up Next, learn how SERVING  is a sure recipe for success in this business.