The RESIDUAL Effect – Service

The RESIDUAL Effect is congruent with the ideologies of Servant-Leadership, Reciprocity, and creating a successful serving culture. In the business model of Relationship Marketing, everyone volunteers. As we serve people, they give us permission to lead. In our business, atop the perceived hierarchy, there is no omnipotent leader or a pinnacle of power capping the o-called pyramid. In our industry, leadership rises to the top by serving people from the bottom up. By getting into the trenches, setting the pace and locking arms with their followers, servant-leaders build the foundation that supports and inspires their networking organization.

RECIPROCITY is an agreement between two people or a group that is focused on creating a win/win scenario. Reciprocity is not always immediate. There are seasons for planting and harvesting but only after sufficient care to cultivate. There are principles of sewing and reaping, sewing seed and reaping a harvest, in due season — due season?  In the business of relationship marketing, we are compelled to build our teams by serving their best interests, the essence of the Servant-Leader. And it takes patience and time to realize the harvest.

CULTURE: The relationship marketing culture, while keeping Servant-Leadership and reciprocity at the forefront is a breath of fresh air in the midst of the negative elements of a worldly culture that promotes a self-serving, entitlement attitude. Some reality TV shows portray people as competitive, attention-seeking, narcissistic, obsessed with their appearance and winning at any cost. We have such an amazing opportunity in this industry to demonstrate the exact opposite. Creating a servant culture means: Creating value, being available, true to your word, and proactive.

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