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Network Marketing Business Philosophy

| March 1, 2014

Your Network Marketing business philosophy is crucial for success. After over twenty five years I am still learning and refining my business approach. Develop a strong business posture and belief. Until you do, you’ll lack commitment and confidence. A Network Marketing business philosophy means you need to become a student of the business: Your belief […]

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How Great Leaders Inspire Action by Simon Sinek

| February 15, 2014

Simon Sinek author of “Start with Why”, spoke in Seattle in 2010 on how great leaders inspire action.  Simon’s formula starts with your WHY. WHY includes your purpose, your cause. Why do you do what you do? What motivates and inspires you?  Next is HOW do you do it and then WHAT do you do.  […]

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Seven Slight Edge Principles by Jeff Olson

| January 26, 2014

The Seven Slight Edge Principles by Jeff Olson can be used every day for your personal and business life.  The things we do or don’t do every day move us closer or father away from our goals. 1. Show Up:  Director Woody Allen said “80% of success is showing up.”  Most people won’t take the […]

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Microsoft and Tech Industry Sales Rocketships

| January 8, 2014

Household name, Microsoft is synonymous with global success, growth and multi-billions in sales since it’s inception in 1979.  The tech industry was a buzz in the late 90s with opportunities and IPOs. The fastest rocket ship in the high tech software industry was Novell. Novell took 3 years to reach $50 million after it was […]

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The Age of Entitlements

| December 27, 2013

We’re in the Age of Entitlements.  You my have noticed with all the challenges of this administration’s Affordable Health Care Act.  Health care is not the topic of this article. I am passionate about people taking responsibility for their own success in life. Because of small business owners and network marketing, the entrepreneurial spirit is […]

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