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The So-Called Franchising Scam

The So-Called Franchising Scam is now a brilliant business concept. Although several decades ago, you may have heard an entirely different story. “In most Americans’ minds, it’s a ‘scam’ and

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Put Your Dreams to the Test Like Braveheart

Do you remember the movie Braveheart? Lined up to fight the vast army of England, William Wallace rallied his ragtag army of Scottish rebels for the cause of freedom. While the storyline was likely embellished

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Ten Tips for Taking the WORK Out of Networking

Why not take the “work” of our networking? It might be time to change your thinking and how you show up at those scary networking events. I guarantee if you follow these steps, you’ll

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The Art of Going Against the Flow

Are you ready to go against the flow?  This article is inspired by best-selling marketing guru, Seth Godin, author of The Icarus Deception. Seth writes, “Play it safe. Listen to the experts. It

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There are Winners and There are Learners

There are winners and learners. Learning through good and bad experiences is our best teacher. Learning, practice, and real-life experience is the best teacher. There are always wins and losses and successes

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Be More Productive – The Power of Pausing and Personal Reflection

The power of pausing and personal reflection is vital for becoming more productive. According to John Maxwell, learning to pause and reflect allows growth to catch up with you. During the year of the

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