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Dump the Presentation Start Storytelling

Effective storytelling gains access into the minds and hearts of your audience, creates a connection and makes them the hero of your presentation. We all love a great story or a biography of a person who

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Will You Make a “Burn the Ships” Commitment?

Will You Make a “Burn the Ships” Commitment?  What price are you willing to pay to achieve your dreams? Imagine yourself on a quest to discover and capture some of the world’s greatest treasure:

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The Power of Teamwork and the Mastermind Group

The Power of Teamwork and the Mastermind Group is becoming important as companies grow in a diverse, global economy. A mastermind is simply gathering of between 8 to 12 individuals who meet weekly to

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10 Ways to Achieve Everything You Desire in Life

There are a multitude of ways to achieve everything you desire in life but success requires consistent daily steps to continue moving forward toward your goals and objectives. I’ve always been a

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Six Ways to Foster an Authentic Life

There is the old success principle that says people will likely do business with you if they know, like, and trust you. To build enduring, authentic relationships, our attitudes must be in sync with a

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Curiosity Makes You Smarter – The Benefits of an Inquiring Mind

Curiosity Makes You Smarter. There are a lot of benefits of a inquiring mind. While going through college, I worked in a delicatessen. Sometimes I noticed a business owner’s personal check or credit

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