There are Winners and There are Learners

There are winners and learners. Learning through good and bad experiences is our best teacher.

Learning, practice, and real-life experience is the best teacher. There are always wins and losses and successes and failures, but we always have an opportunity to learn. There’s a difference between education and active learning or training.  We can educate and explain to our child how to ride a bike, but not until we take off the training wheels and allow them to fall that they experience motion and balance.

“The highest reward for our toil is not what we get for it but what we become by it. … Mistakes are not failures. They are proof that we are making an effort. When we understand that,sometimes you win sometimes you learn 517tcvncijl-_sx333_bo1204203200_we can more easily move out of our comfort zone, try something new, and improve. … Improvement demands a commitment to grow long after the mood in which it was made has passed.” —John Maxwell

We must be willing to be bad to get good. Trial and error, failures and successes are our best teacher. When we were children, we were willing to be a novice and not good at something. But as we get older, it becomes increasingly challenging and a humbling experience to accept the need to “be bad first.”

The problem is, we get so addicted to being good at stuff – feeling confident, competent, and capable – that we really don’t want to let go of that and go back to getting good at stuff. We pretty much hate going back to feeling unconfident, incompetent, incapable. But that’s where you have to go in order to start learning something new.—Erika Andersen – Be Bad First.

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