Professionals Sort Amateurs Sell

I’ve heard this objection for years; “I don’t want to talk to my friends and family about the business.” We all deal with fear of rejection one time or another in this business. But that’s not the only challenge. Some will not talk with their close friends or family because they don’t want to jeopardize the relationship if things don’t work out.

There’s also a misconception that network marketers must become experts at recruiting, handling objections and presenting the business and products. That’s an old school MLM paradigm. Sales and high pressure recruiting techniques are why some of your friends may have been turned off.

If you’re trying to talk people into the business and selling Starter Kits for commissions, you’re already on the wrong track. You’re essentially hauling buckets, not building a residual pipeline.

Learn how to project a business owner posture, one who is identifying and choosing a team for his or her business. Business owners don’t sell or convince people to join their business they use a sorting process and choose their team. Remember, Professionals Sort, Amateurs Sell.

About the Author Mark Petticord

I am a sales and marketing consultant, trainer, writer and new media professional. With twenty-five years in the sales and marketing industry, I've had the privilege of training and supporting hundreds of micro entrepreneurs and business executives.

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