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Network Marketing  Juice companies and coffee companies keep on pumping liquid health and financial fortunes. Listen, I am all about free enterprise and capitalism around the world but this juice and coffee craze is crazy!

If you’ve been approached by the one or two of the countless number of Network Marketing Juice Companies, you’re not alone. And it’s not just juice, coffee has become a popular MLM vice. There Network Marketing juice companies jungle juiceare  juice and coffee drinks who’s creators claim boundless energy, weight loss, promises of better health and it seems, the fountain of youth.  I am not saying that juice and coffee drinks do or don’t provide the benefits they claim but to me some of these juice stories and names are frankly humorous.  (Watch the Video Parody, below produced by a friend —  Juice is Everywhere)

I am curious. How many of those Juices and Coffee products are formulated by the same manufacturer?  One could say, “Our product is proprietary.” It’s really hard to tell which products really are. This would take a bit of research on my part.  If you know the answer, I am all ears.

Nothing against juice and energy drinks, but in the last fifteen years I’ve noticed scores of Network Marketing  juice companies and MLM coffee companies come and go. With exception of a few decent companies, most of them are not even close to making the Global Top 100 list in this industry.  Last year it only took 63 million in annual sales, world-wide to make the cut. In my opinion, if a company has been around for more than four or five years and created 100 million in sales, I’d be suspicious. Lots of entrepreneurs jumped in to the juice and coffee business with the hopes of capitalizing on the liquidity of the liquid trend.

With today’s technology tools and the power of social networking, entrepreneurs just think up an exotic juice or coffee name,  associate it with a heart wrenching, compelling story about a mysterious bean or berry and form an MLM business. Add a flashy Binary compensation plan and attract a few corporate and field MLM marketing gurus and go to work! I know in most cases they probably had the best intentions but a little hope and following a lagging trend is not enough to build a sustainable business model.

Unfortunately, there’s been a lot of carnage at the expense of first timers to the industry. They’re the ones that pay the price and vow to never do another so called — MLM pyramid scheme. It’s unfortunate, because there are some great companies in this industry and even a few juice companies.  So don’t throw out the baby with the bath water!

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