Network Marketing Business Philosophy

Your Network Marketing business philosophy is crucial for success. After over twenty five years I am still learning and refining my business approach. Develop a strong business posture and belief. Until you do, you’ll lack commitment and confidence.

A Network Marketing business philosophy means you need to become a student of the business: Your belief about the direct sales industry and about how you see yourself as a business owner is crucial. You’re in business — take ownership, take responsibility.  Techniques won’t work if you’re not fully committed. Make a decision right now to embrace network marketing as a serious financial vehicle, an asset that will grow for years to come. Become a student of this industry, your business and system.  If you’d like to know about a great business, click here.

Here are two great tools to help you with your mindset. Listen to Jim Rohn’s Building Your Network Marketing Business and Robert Kiyosaki’s The Business of the 21st Century CD, once a week for first 90 days.  These teachings are foundational for your initial education. Without a foundation, you’ll perish quickly. Listen, learn and practice what you learn. Eventually you’ll experience how REAL this business is.  Also, to help you understand the value of our business, I recommend that you read my synopsis of Robert Kiyosaki’s Eight Hidden Values of Network Marketing.

If you treat your business casually you could become a casualty.  Your prospects sense that you’re not serious. Don’t be apologetic about asking them to take a look.  You’re a business owner. Right now, most of you are part-time.  That’s okay. Invest between 5 to 10 hours per week.   Your time is valuable, use it wisely. For example, when scheduling a call, make a specific network marketing businessappointment, get a specific time on the schedule and ask your prospect to write it down,  rather than leave your schedule to chance and play endless phone tag.  Owners take charge of their schedule. Focus and slot out time. This is a business of appointments, including the initial contact, dropping off media or product samples, then follow-up. Don’t leave things to chance — follow the process, follow your system in order to measure your effectiveness.

Ask questions.  As a business owner, you’re essentially interviewing your prospects. Before you talk with a prospect contemplate this.  Who would you like to be in business with?  What can they bring to the table?   What are their most important traits and skills. How could they use their work experience in this business?  When you see them, ask them “What’s most important to you — right now?  Don’t use polished sales talk, tactics and cute expressions.  Be REAL with everyone, be honest. Talk with them like you would want to be talked to.  Throw out the bait and see if they nibble at it. Be conversational not polished.  IF you believe what you teach, you’ll be genuine.

Find out — Are they looking?  Are you building your future or your bosses future? Ask them; “Are you open to taking your best skills and attributes and developing your own business?  Have you ever considered financial opportunities outside of your work?  Listen to them.  It’s surprising that most will say they’re open. Respond by lending them a CD on the spot or asking permission to send them an email with a video to watch tonight.  Don’t spend five minutes enthusiastically spewing out all the merits of your product and business while they smile politely and nod.  They’ll even agree to take a sample or your information as you pile it on.  They don’t want to be rude.  Unfortunately, in many cases they just want to get rid of you!  We’ve all done it. How many of you have taken a $2 brochure from someone pitching a product or business and later filed it in the round file?

When they give you permission to send them a video, ask them if they will watch the video tonight?  Don’t say; “When you get a chance, could you watch this video?”  Personally, I don’t like random chance to drive my business. Be intentional, take charge! Procrastination will kill your business.  Just do it.  Do it now.

network marketing business - dripUse the drip system. I’ve been teaching for years that prospecting and sponsoring is a courtship process.  Realize that it takes time — sometimes seven or eight impressions.  I’ve worked on prospects for months at a time using the drip system. Better to drip on a lot of people than fire hose a few.  Most newbies are running on adrenaline and burn themselves out really fast.  Teach your new starts to have clear expectations. After the big event, teach them how to channel that energy wisely. Their prospects didn’t attend the big event. So much enthusiasm get’s squashed after the big event.  Stay the course, Slight Edge Principles apply here. Averages are important to understand — 7 or 8 out of ten may not be interested right now.  (Listen to the Jim Rohn CD) Your averages will increase with experience.

Spend your time wisely:  Most Network Marketing business owners are part-time in the beginning — 5 to 10 hours a week.  When you’ve done your homework, developed your mindset and believe in the value and benefits of what you’re offering you’ll radiate confidence. You don’t have to convince people or appear desperate. Your philosophy creates confidence.  Confidence comes through learning and experience. Your day to day activity produces confidence and hope that’s founded on focused activity and personal experiences to draw from.   At first most approach their friends and family.  It’s tough getting rejected by those you love.  But be prepared and chalk it up as practice and experience.

Professional Sort Amateurs Sell: Know when to hold um and know when to fold um.  If you’re pitching your network marketing business to disinterested people you’re wasting a lot of time and trying to convince people.  We’re not in the sales business we’re in the sorting business. Just be willing to accept it and walk away. It’s called the take away.  Network Marketing businessLearn how to graciously, politely say;  “I don’t think this is right for you or the timing is probably not right for you.”  Pick up your tools and your sample and move on.

Business owners continually expand their market:   Sooner or later most networkers think they’re out of leads.  Linkedin and Facebook provide you with a wealth of leads.  Remember, it’s not about who you know, it’s about who they know. Expand your marketing efforts through friends of friends.  These are your most powerful prospects. There are plenty of people looking.  Keep sowing your seeds — Another great story on the Jim Rohn CD. Don’t get into convincing mode with people NOT looking.  Most of them don’t understand the value of your business, yet.   They’re  happy with what they’re doing and not willing to step out of their comfort zone.  If they’re stuck, it’s not your job to pull them out of the mud unless they’re asking for help. A negative response will not throw you off track if your business philosophy is intact.  Also what I’ve observed over the years is the Network Marketing business is not for everyone. There are certain traits you’ll recognize as you become more experienced in this industry.

Understand the value of your team — upline and downline:  Get out of your own way. Use 3rd party tools.  The best 3rd party tool is your sponsor or their sponsorship line. Who brought you into the business. Find a mentor upline.  Even if your  sponsor is inexperienced both of you need to find someone to work with ASAP. Do not do by yourself!  Your network marketing business mentors will gladly help you if you’re committed to learn.

Show up consistently.  Commit time to your team. Meetings and events are crucial to sustain your belief and most important the health and vitality of your team. They will do what you do. Be teachable, follow instruction. Leaders are learners.  The old MLM adage “edify your upline” is true and necessary to create third party credibility but it is just as important to “edify your downline.”  Complement your team leaders in front of the team in order to create confidence and replace yourself eventually.  The last thing you want is to be the “go to” person on everything. Long-term residual income requires leadership.  Train your leaders to be the rock stars in your group and you’ll experience what everyone wants in this industry — freedom!



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I am a sales and marketing consultant, trainer, writer and new media professional. With twenty-five years in the sales and marketing industry, I've had the privilege of training and supporting hundreds of micro entrepreneurs and business executives.

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