How To Make Three-Way Calls

Three-Way Calls: Your Business Lifeline

A popular game show, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, included three life-lines: (1) poll the audience, (2) eliminate two answers, and (3) phone a friend. Phoning your friend in this business isMark Petticord - How to do Three-Way Calls your business lifeline! Do you want to be a millionaire in this business? Start with 3-way calls! Most home and cellular phone services include three-way calling, a method through which to facilitate a three-person conversation. Why go to all the trouble?

Three-way calls create a casual environment for introducing your business prospect to a successful leader in your company. This call is typically your prospect’s second or third impression. Unless a prospect is familiar with the product, service, or company, I don’t recommend that you use a three-way call for the first exposure, because it creates a potentially awkward situation for everyone involved. It is best to qualify your prospect first. The three-way call should always follow your prospect’s review of company marketing materials. If you are unsure how to conduct this on your phone, simply call your carrier for instructions.

We relate to people within our demographics, including business, family, spiritual, and life experiences. Whether your prospect is a successful network marketer or homeschooling mother, it is helpful to match your prospect with people he or she would relate to. A relatable story helps your prospect identify with someone with similar life experiences, vocations, or even one who has overcome the same challenges.

By far, the most important benefit of three-way calls is to demonstrate to a prospect and your new business partner that our business involves teamwork. By modeling three-way calls properly, you have demonstrated a business sy-tem and communicated to the prospect that he or she is not alone. By demonstrating three-way calls, you are sending a message that they too can do this too! Want to learn more?  Click here to receive your free bonus training report