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Art Williams – Just Do It Speech

Art Williams  – Just do it speech is one of my all time favorites. In 1987, Art Williams, one of the pillars of the direct sales, network marketing industry gave a riveting speech, entitled “Do

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Avoid the Victim Dictum – Embrace Change in Turbulent Times

In the late nineties I had become accustom to a healthy 5 figure monthly income but things began to change. By 2002, my business had dropped over 60% in less than three years. I just held on thinking things

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Jim Rohn Quotes: Our Why Determines Our How

Internet marketers are constantly bombarded with tips and techniques. “How-To” content is abundant on the Internet. But it’s not just methods and activities that determine our success,

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Napoleon Hill -The Law of Success is FREE

I was restless last night, so I went down to the living room and began flipping channels — it was about 4am. A slick looking, middle aged guy on the infomercial was actually trying to convince people

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