John Maxwell Intentional Living

The John Maxwell Intentional Living will prepare you to achieve significance by taking small steps for thirty days.


Start your 30-Day Journey right now. We have all looked back at your life or times when we felt insignificant. You’re not alone. Have you ever wondered if you matter?  Will you be missed when you die? You’re not alone. John’Maxwell experienced many of these life challenges, too — just like you. And he’s found a solution.

You can achieve meaning and significance, and create a legacy that will continue long after you’re gone.

“Don’t leave your footprints in the sand where they will wash way; let intentional living show you how to leave footprints in the hearts and lives of those you love, and leave a legacy that will last.”  John Maxwell

Regardless of your beliefs or background, if you understand and follow the John Maxwell intentional living principles, you’ll thrive, grow and live a life of meaning, connection, and happiness. John Maxwell wants to share these powerful principles with you. So much that he’s happy to let you test-drive them right now for free Living Intentionally is based on one single truth: We were made for connection and relationship. We were made for each other. But most of us don’t prioritize that wisdom in how we live our day to day lives.


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Intentional Living is about living a life that matters — not just about improving your life. This program is designed for you if you don’t want to accept life as it comes, but lead your life so it matters. Of course, we could go into how and why it works, but the proven reality is that it does work, and the best way to prove it to yourself is to click here, try it and experience the results first hand.