Is Your Brand Bland?

Is your BRAND Bland? You might need Brand Aid!  

I teach people who to develop a consistent brand message across multiple platforms. Here’s a synopsis of what you need to do in order to get noticed online. How would our like to make a lot of new friends and influence people? How about getting people sharing and talking about you? Building a remarkable brand, means creating exceptional value for people by becoming a resourceful authority for them. It is critical for you to “take charge” of your personal brand and online persona. Your brand identifies who you are. Don’t let randomness do it for you. And always remember, that perception creates reality. Your personal authentic brand is the result of understanding your target market and idea client.  Your brand should:

  1. Deliver your message clearly
  2. Confirm your credibility
  3. Create an emotional connection
  4. Motivates a potential client
  5. Encourage user loyalty

When you understand your ideal client, create a brand that resonates with them. An authority website is your personal PR machine, and a place to highlight your knowledge and authority in your industry. Your authority blog or YouTube video blog is where you post valuable content and resources for your existing clients, customers, and future clients. If you love what you do, you’ll be passionate about writing and educating people on current events relating to your industry and business.

LinkedIN is by far they most important social business network for making a great first impression. Learn the professional Secrets to a POWERFUL LinkedIn Profile. Click here to optimize your LinkedIN profile and brand. A team of LinkedIN professionals will work directly with you to make sure your unique profile is attractive and optimized. Stand out from the crowd with a LinkedIn profile that positions you as an expert in your industry and markets you as someone who deserves to be noticed!

Whether you’re using a free blogging platform or paying for hosting services, focus on producing high-quality, relevant, content. In other words, do not just sell and promote on your website. IfUnified Serving Prposition - Mark Petticord SuccessMentor you have to sell anything, sell yourself by creating great content and lots of value for your target audience. Be authentic, build trust and rapport. Demonstrate to your clients and potential customers that you’re interested in supporting them. Build an authority site that is relevant to your target market, your ideal client, and Unique Selling Proposition (USP).Your unique selling proposition becomes an entirely new approach by merely replacing the word, selling with serving. Serving opens up an entirely new arena of possibilities. Rather than a staunch posture that says: “This is what I do and here’s what I would like to sell you,” you’re inviting a conversational approach that asks the question, “How can my product or service serve you?

Get some love from Google.  Google algorithms’ look for relevant, high quality content. If you’re just selling stuff on your site with sales page links and product offers, you’ll not get much love. Search engine optimization (SEO) techniques are important but unless you’re an expert, you cannot depend solely on keywords and phrases that describe your product, services or industry. Valuable, relevant content rules, and will always be superior as it relates to ranking on all the search engines, not just Google.

Personal brand messaging that is aligned with your ideal client and target market is the key to creating a connection, and a developing a relationship. Your brand is who you are and how your ideal clients see you. Turn things around and see yourself through their lens. How do you look?   If you do your homework, your brand message will look good to your ideal client and they’ll be attracted to you.  If you’re dull, boring, unprofessional, and self-aggrandizing, your message will either be lost in a sea of online mediocrity, or even repel people.

So again, ask these questions constantly as you develop your message. What kind of first impression are you making? How are you representing your products and services? Who is your target audience?  If you love what you do, your brand will resonate with your that message. If you’re fishing in the right pond, what inspires and motivates you will also resonate with your ideal client.

Build an authentic personal brand across the diverse arena of social communities I’ve mentioned. Create value and focus on solving your client’s problem.  Help them to access their personal motivations to achieve their goals. When you understand the heartbeat of your ideal client and create a congruent brand online and offline, you’ll serve them, build trust, and grow your business.

Here’s a brief brand development overview:

  • Who is your customer? Create a detailed customer profile for your target market.
  • Craft a message and build a marketing campaign that is focused on solving your client/customer’s problem.
  • What is your offer? Learn how to create a clear concise offer with a focus on addressing a specific niche within a market.
  • Get past the gate-keepers to the decision makers.  Learn how to gain access to the influencers.
  • What is your potential customer’s impression of you? Create a consistent, congruent brand message. Align your graphics, business name, domain name, email address, and social networking user names.
  • Build your marketing brand assets both online and offline. Assets include social networking sites (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, business cards, letterhead, professional head shots)
  • Connect all your social networking assets through an authority blog hub. Learn the dynamics of providing relevant content. Become the authority in your industry.