Intentional Living

John Maxwell’s “Intentional Living” course prepares you to achieve significance by taking small steps for thirty days.  Click Here to start your 30 Day Journey. – passcode “30days”

Thanks for taking steps to live intentionally. I partner with the John Maxwell Team as a business coach and trainer. I serve companies, organizations, business owners and entrepreneurs by providing training and coaching through masterminds, lunch and learns, and training seminars. Click on the banner on the right or below if you’re on a mobile phone, to request my free 1-hour training.  I am thrilled to be able to add value to you or your organization.

Do you remember seasons in your life when you felt insignificant? Have you ever wondered, do I matter?  Or, will I be missed when I die? You’re not alone, we’ve all experienced these emotions.  John Maxwell experienced many of these life challenges too, and he’s found a solution. You can achieve meaning and significance and create a legacy that will continue long after you’re gone.

“Don’t leave your footprints in the sand where they will wash way; let intentional living show you how to leave footprints in the hearts and lives of those you love, and leave a legacy that will last.”  —  John Maxwell

For a summary of the John Maxwell Course Material, visit this page John Maxwell Training.

Yours in Success!  Mark