Five Criteria to Evaluate a Network Marketing Company

Based on my own experience and philosophy, these are the FIVE criteria I teach to evaluate a Network Marketing company and their business model.  

In reality, there are no rock-solid, ironclad guarantees in the business world. Nevertheless, a great place to start your search and evaluation of companies is by using my “Five-Point Criteria,” based on many years of experience and my personal business philosophy. The five points are leadership, product, turnkey system, compensation plan, and timing.  You can get my the whole scoop by requesting my free report.

Although I am certain that this list is not exhaustive, exploring these questions will go a long way in helping you choose the right network marketing company to join while avoiding the common mistakes people make when choosing a company.

1. Leadership: Does the company have the right type of leadership?

Authentic company leadership is your first and most important consideration. If the leadership is dysfunctional, it might not be the right opportunity, no matter how good the products are. Are they “Servant Leaders? Meaning the leadership team is unified and committed to people for the long-haul not hireling executives and MLM hired guns looking for a job or a paycheck. Is the leadership intentional- drawing from HANDS ON industry experience, not just sales and marketing theory?   Are they committed to facilitating long-term growth and creating a legacy company? Network marketing is a people business, first and foremost.  For the full scoop, get my free report here.

2. Proprietary Products: Are the products proprietary, and does the company own their technology?

The products should have a difficult barrier of entry. In other words, they should not be easily knocked off by a competitor. Unfortunately, there are a lot of “me too” copycats with average products. You want to avoid those copycats, because those companies come and go faster than you can balance your check-book. You want a company with products that people love to consume and are eager to purchase more month after month.

3. Business System:  Does the company have a Turn-KEY Business system.

In my book The RESIDUAL Effect, review Chapter 10, “Action Plan.” Does the company have an ACTS system in place, ready for you to “turn the key and go?” With exception of language and cultural variations, the business building system should be the same everywhere in the world. A turn-key system provides the foundation for success for those NEW to the business as well as experienced networkers.  The system includes compelling business tools that ATTRACT and Engage prospective customers and business partners. The system also provides Life-Changing education training, mentoring with consistent support for part-time and full time global entrepreneurs. Success is not a random event or a roll of the dice. A turn-key system creates a level playing field and helps the corporate and field leadership maintain continuity, measure progress, create team momentum and assure long-term growth.

4. Compensation: Does the compensation plan appeal to beginners, intermediates, and the most advanced business builders?

Whether your goal is to make enough to cover your car payment or replace your fulltime employment, the compensation plan should be beneficial for every-one. A compensation plan should not only provide opportunity for hobby-level enthusiasts but for professional networkers who depend on this industry for their livelihood A company should be product focused, not just on the opportunity. If companies hook people with emotional hype that promise fast millions, big mansions, and fancy cars, those dreams might just be fantasies. There is nothing wrong with creating a vision for material blessings in this business, but painting a picture of unrealistic expectations leads to disappointments and dropouts.

5. Timing: Is the timing right?

There is not question that it seems that personal timing is never perfect. The question is whether your why is big enough to motivate you to do what is necessary to succeed by taking consistent action.  How about the timing of the company you are researching and its business opportunity? First, don’t be misled by the feeding frenzy of the proverbial “ground-floor” opportunity. Although timing can be a significant factor, there are no pat answers, but please checkout some specific guidelines in my free report.

There are people who make things happen, people who watch things happen, and people who wonder what happened. You do not want to be one of those who miss out on the timing of this global business opportunity. As in life, there are no ironclad guarantees. But if you have the desire in your heart and you use my criteria and resource information, you too can enjoy the fantastic benefits. If you would like to talk with me direct, please schedule a consultation.



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I am a sales and marketing consultant, trainer, writer and new media professional. With twenty-five years in the sales and marketing industry, I've had the privilege of training and supporting hundreds of micro entrepreneurs and business executives.

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